Practice your sports anytime anywhere

What is GOSCraw

GOSCraw is a modular pergola designed for training purposes. It allows you to perform your exercises when you want to. It’s always there, waiting for you, tailored to your training regime. We provide a range of exercise options, but GOSCraw is the ideal platform to customize to your training. And because of its warm rustic appearance, GOSCraw not only offers versatile training possibilities but it also adds esthetic value to your location.

Classic design for luxurious gardens

To make your obstacle usefull in non-training days, an ugly big training rack can quickly become a nuisance. Fortunately, GOSCraw can blend in in any modern garden or recreational park. With options such as shading, windbreakers or lighting, GOSCraw can go from training center to lounge corner in an instant. This Dutch Design shows that sports equipment can be both versatile and elegant.

Workout equals recovery

Since recovery is also an extremely important part of effective training, GOSCraw can be geared in such a way that it can be converted into a lounge corner in an instant. The GOSCraw decorated as an exclusive outdoor space.

Wood of choice

Douglas wood is our material of choice. As one of the hardest pinewood species, Douglas will be worth his investment for up to 15 years due to its lifespan. The use of solid Douglas beams combines strength with a warm look and feel. The natural Douglas yellowish to reddish brown color can be preserved by staining or impregnation. Untreated, the wood will turn to an attractive blue-grey over time. Ask about the possibilities for other types of wood.

Toughness by craftsmanship

GOSCraw gets its unparalleled stability from precision CNC-machined joints. The classic mortise-and-tenon and dovetail joints provide a clearance-free construction for stability, while keeping the flexibility of wood. Stainless steel connections lock the joints in place, guaranteeing lasting reliability and safety.

Time shouldn’t be an excuse not to train.

We believe a busy agenda should not be an excuse not to train. Physical exercise is especially important on busy days, to reduce the risk of stress related complaints. In fact, regular exercise has been shown to boost productivity by improving concentration. Because GOSCraw can be placed everywhere, it enables you to incorporate short workouts in your daily routine. In the end, this even increases productivity by being able to concentrate better and reduce absenteeism.

Modular Assembly

Thanks to the modular assembly, GOSCraw can be assembled on almost any location. Whether for a city garden, nature reserve or office terrace, we have a version for you. Available in any size and shape, customization is no obstacle at Obstacle Industries.

GOSCraw gets its stability mainly from classic joints, which are made by precision milling. The beams, which are linked by mortise and tenon and dovetail joints, provide a clearance-free construction. This makes it a stable whole with the flexibility of wood. This combined with a pull fixed connection with stainless steel makes GOSCraw the best choice for your location.